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Mobile Marketing

Course Outline

LEVEL: Introductory



Online marketing is predominantly on mobile as users browse, purchase and share content and products through multitude of channels and apps. This mobile first campaign course will outline everything from setting up a site to achieve goals to improving rankings, sharing and site reach.

Who is this course for?

This mobile marketing course is designed for marketers and digital marketers looking to engage and interact with consumers through the latest trends. It is perfect for those looking to build specialist skills in mobile marketing and looking to apply these skills alongside standard marketing channels.


What you will learn

  • Build your brand through an effective mobile strategy
  • Build a mobile first site with a few of capturing users on the move
  • Design data-led mobile marketing plans with a view to conversion
  • Understand the importance of voice search, near me search and location based search
  • Develop and test your marketing campaigns
  • Use tried and tested mobile technical approach to achieve rankings
  • Things to avoid when considering mobile
  • Whether you need an app for success, and how to go to market
  • Measuring the success of mobile marketing



Attendees and businesses will receive the latest and most appropriate data mobile marketing in 2018 and beyond. Businesses will be able to use this data to achieve marketing goals, utilize cross channel marketing and generate value for consumers and stakeholders.


Course Overview

  • How mobile marketing has changed digital marketing
  • Key terminology within mobile marketing
  • The power of mobile marketing in 2018
  • Permission based marketing in a world of GDPR
  • Mobile strategy – segmenting data and achieving results
  • Mobile approach – how to build a simple and effective mobile marketing campaign
  • Mobile ecommerce – how mass market relies on mobile for success

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