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Multichannel Digital Marketing


Course Outline

Research shows increasingly more customers are using multiple channels to interface with brands profitably. Our workshop will help you design and deliver an integrated, multichannel marketing approach. While the emphasis is on digital marketing, this has to be dovetailed with traditional tools and techniques with a view to achieving synergy and an overall better experience for your customers.


Build knowledge about how to deliver more effective integrated multichannel marketing communications. You will be capable of developing marketing communications that improves customer engagement and understand how to use and combine these multichannels for greatest effect.


This workshop is for marketers responsible for providing a more consistent customer journey and branded experience whichever channel their target audience chooses to use. This workshop would also suit marketers who want to integrate their digital and traditional marketing activities.


Understand how marketing is evolving from push to pull channels, inbound rather than outbound

Create an integrated, multi-channel marketing plan.

Research customer expectations and map the customer journey.

Use segmentation to develop alternative propositions.

Combine tools known to work synergistically.

Exploit Web 2.0 and social media marketing tools.

Use appropriate metrics to assess campaign performance, net promoter score and satisfaction.

Best practice use of the key digital channels

Determine budget spend (online versus offline).

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