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Planning and Executing a Market Research Project

Course Outline

This course aims to provide you with an understanding of how to manage market-research projects, and equip you with the confidence to carry them out. You will learn to recognise your specific needs, and how to efficiently deliver information that is individually tailored to these needs.

You will improve and support the business decisions you make by creating an efficient strategy, using checklists to help ensure you have specific objectives, target the right demographic, create a high-quality questionnaire and fulfil your information requirements

Who should attend this course?

This course is tailored towards those working in market research or market intelligence, but will also be useful to marketing managers or marketing communications executives. Equally, anyone newly appointed to a marketing executive or market research role will benefit from learning the fundamentals of market research.

What you will learn

  • The 10 steps of a market research project
  • Able to compose an effective research brief
  • Become confident in carrying out desk research to source existing information
  • The tools needed to manage your relationship with external agencies well
  • Ability to choose wisely between different methodologies
  • Selecting and evaluating appropriate sample
  • Able to write a questionnaire which gathers the information you need
  • Analysing data outputs
  • Confidence to make recommendations based on conclusions drawn from market research


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