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Powerful Change Management


Accelerate the pace of change and deal with resistors

Course Code: VS13

Duration: 2 days


​Are you responsible for managing change? Perhaps you’re tasked with reducing costs, and growing the business, or maybe your company needs to disrupt and innovate? Whatever the conditions for change, the biggest task lies with you.

​Why is change so hard? Because humans find dealing with uncertainty tough. They also struggle to see how introducing change programmes - 70% of which fail, according to global business consultant McKinsey & Company, benefit their organisation.

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for managers who are responsible for creating and delivering powerful customer experiences and journeys. These include employees within sales, marketing, product and customer support and customer experience functions and is both strategic and tactical in content.


In these turbulent times the pace of organisation change is quicker than ever. This Powerful Change Management programme enables you to accelerate the pace of change, to deal with resistors, to develop clear visions and realistic plans. It is full of practical tools and techniques to help you understand, manage and implement change successfully and to allow everyone to buy in to the process.

​There are consequences for organisations that fail to change, those that try to change but fail, and those that are constantly changing. In fact, very many change programmes fail to produce the benefits they set out to achieve. There are many reasons why change can fail. You will be introduced to how some organisations innovate and continuously improve their operations successfully and the crucial role that managers play.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn classic change management mistakes
  • Identify and respond to a change challenge
  • Promote positive 'change–inspire' confidence in stakeholders
  • Drive action and empower others
  • Reading your emotional intelligence during change episodes
  • Script your change narrative, what story will you tell?
  • Benefit from dedicated, strategically matched coaching support
  • Implementing change successfully
  • Understanding roles in change
  • Stakeholder management
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Communication during change
  • Models of managing organisational change
  • Avoiding failure in change programmes
  • Leading cultural change

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