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Powerful Strategic Marketing


Accelerate your marketing

Course Code: VS09

Duration: 2 days


Marketing is globalised; marketing is digitised. The days of isolated or shielded markets closed to foreign suppliers or competitors are no more.

All companies now operate in an international environment where customers can be scattered around the globe and new entrants can emerge from any economy with a number of different business models and cost structures.

Who Should Attend

The programme is specifically for B2B or B2C marketing, research, strategy and product managers. Whether you are new to the role or have experience, you will benefit by attending and it does not require prior knowledge of strategic marketing. It is particularly beneficial to those who are required to make their organisation much more strategically focused, and is both strategic and tactical in content.


This programme will sharpen your strategic marketing skills, including designing, organising, executing and evaluating marketing activities in this complex global environment. You will explore today’s big marketing challenges, such as the impact of social media on brand management, low-price competition and market commoditisation.

Reframing current challenges as lucrative opportunities and providing participants with a great suite of conceptual and practical strategic marketing tools and frameworks, you will return to your workplace ready to make a real difference for your customers, partners, industry and business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between low cost, differentiation, focus and best cost strategies
  • Understand how to apply strategic marketing tools and frameworks
  • Learn how to build a compelling marketing plan based on customer insight
  • Competitor analysis, including segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Understand how to evolve from traditional business models to digital models
  • Develop a formidable brand strategy
  • Develop pricing models and the latest market distribution strategies
  • Evaluate new markets - explore the implications of serving multiple markets

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