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Product Management – Business to Business


Course Outline

This workshop outlines how to create a realistic strategy for your product portfolio and construct practical product marketing plans that you can justify. You will also be given valuable tools and frameworks to apply.

Topics include:

Constructing B2B product marketing plans

Managing a portfolio of products and solutions

Discovering value and creating value propositions

Winning support from the sales force

Briefing the marketing communications team.

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It will empower you to take the lead in directing strategies and actions in your product market.

You will understand the role and scope of a product manager so that you can focus on the job you should be doing.

It will equip you to expand your career beyond the technical area, into marketing and commercial management.

Your organisation will benefit because you will be able to align business capabilities with market requirements.


The programme is specifically for business to business product managers from a technical or sales background.

Whether you are new to the role or have experience, you will benefit by attending.

It does not require prior knowledge of marketing.


It is particularly beneficial to those who are required to make their organisation more market-focused.

It is both strategic and tactical.


You will learn how to:

Construct a B2B product marketing plan

Align the plan with company strategy

Establish product market priorities

Define positioning strategy

Identify customer value

Create value propositions

Recognise market-drivers

Define market key success factors

Align business capabilities with market requirements

Segment and profile customers

Identify decision-makers and become a preferred supplier

Construct the right marketing mix

Create sustainable and profitable differential advantage

Managing the stage-gate process for new products

Developing a business-case

Manage product portfolios through the life cycle

Define price and avoid price-competition

Brief marketing communications

Measure and control a plan

Win support of the sales teams.

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