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Profitable Product Management


Course Outline

Product managers are responsible for end to end management of their products from short term profitability to long term sustainability.  Product managers need to be all-rounders able to devise marketing plans and metrics and manage their portfolios effectively.  This workshop provides practical and usable formats for succeeding in these tasks.

The split-module structure (two and two days) provide a vital opportunity to reflect on and consolidate the learning from module one and to develop a product and work-related project for presentation and development on module two.

One-on-one coaching via virtual classroom support between modules enables maximum use to be made of the available time.  The result is a uniquely practical and useful programme.


Individuals who are currently in the role but need formal training in the strategic and tactical tools as well as those who are preparing for such a role.  Many companies use this course as qualifying training for all their product managers to ensure that best practice is applied consistently.

LEARNING OUTCOMES / Benefits to your organisation

Organisations that use product management effectively respond faster and more effectively to business opportunities and threats.

Opportunity to evaluate and measure current and best practice.

Product management responsibilities provide a comprehensive grounding in business disciplines developing outstanding options for succession planning and strategic leadership.

Develop a structured analysis to develop winning product plans

Create a positioning strategy

Write and deliver a go-to-market plan

Build a robust and sustainable product portfolio

Price your products skilfully

Choose, specify and develop new products

Influence others building trust and support for your programs

Work closely with marketing communications

Understand and use financial metrics

Build intangible value into your products



Roles, responsibilities and methodology

Common problems and how to resolve them

Strategic analysis and decision making

Positioning and go-to-market strategy

Range management and the product portfolio

Specifying new products

Influence and leadership

Communication and research

Financial metrics

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