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Social Media Marketing


Understand how to set up a social media marketing programme

Course Code: TM44

Duration: 1 day


The presence of social media in our work and personal life is growing and evolving faster than ever. It is increasingly difficult to engage with migrating audiences with low attention spans.  This workshop is for those that want to get to grips with social media channels and improve the efficiency of their marketing in doing so.

Who Should Attend

Anyone responsible new to communications or online marketing who would like to further develop their expertise in social media channels.


You’ll leave up-to-speed on social media marketing’s latest tools and techniques, with the confidence to use these key marketing channels.

You’ll also have learnt about:

• How the world of digital and marketing is evolving
• The rise of social media and future trends
• Setting smart objectives
• Key social media channels
• Measurement tools and sentiment analysis

Learning Outcomes

  • Social media platforms and best practice
  • Social media trends and implications
  • How to build a sustainable follower base
  • Online privacy laws and data breaches
  • Distinguish between different forms of social
  • Segmenting your market
  • Assess the value of social media
  • Review where your brand is being discussed
  • Measure the effectiveness of social media
  • Monitoring and influencing social networks
  • Build social media into a campaign
  • Develop a blogging plan

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