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Social Media Marketing


Course Outline

This workshop is designed for people who haven’t used social channels extensively but want to start using or improving how they use them. It focuses on how to use the core channels more effectively. The workshop is delivered through a mix of seminar and practical case exercises and focuses on how to use the core social channels more effectively.


You’ll leave up-to-speed on social media marketing’s latest tools and techniques, with the confidence to use these key marketing channels. You’ll also have learnt about:

how the world of marketing is evolving

social media trends

setting objectives

key social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging, LinkedIn and Google measurement tools


Marketers who need to know more about social media, so they can assess its relevance, plan an approach or implement social media.

Individuals who have limited experience of social media marketing and are looking to fast-track their knowledge and skills.

This is not designed as a follow on to Social Media Marketing or Social Media Masterclass.


Social media trends and implications for marketers

Distinguish between different forms of social media marketing activity.

Assess the value of social media to your business.

Review where your brand and products are being discussed.

Measure the effectiveness of social media

Monitoring and influencing social networks.

Build social media into a campaign.

Develop a blogging plan

Best practice for using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus and YouTube.

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