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Sponsorship Essentials


Course Outline

Sponsorship can be challenging, but when planned and implemented effectively can deliver great results. Whether you are responsible for buying, selling or managing sponsorship arrangements this workshop will enable you to approach the right partners and know precisely who you need to talk to, how and why. Presentations, case studies, group work, and scenarios will be used throughout the workshop alongside the assessment of your own corporate experiences.


Understand the world of sponsorship and how to approach the right partners. Develop a greater appreciation of how to evaluate sponsorship options, negotiate deals and buy and sell sponsorship that delivers to its objectives cost-effectively.


This course is for marketers and managers who are responsible for buying, selling or managing sponsorship arrangements within their organisation.


Formulate and develop the right sponsorship proposition(s) for your needs.

Know precisely who you need to talk to, how and why.

Clarify your sponsorship ‘philosophy’ and objectives.

Plan and monitor your sponsorship revenue and spending.

Challenge your comfort zone in the quest for creative opportunities.

Negotiate effectively with your sponsorship partners.

Make time for planning, monitoring and making sure all parties deliver.

Utilise project and relationship evaluation tools.

Sharpen up your longer-term objectives, targets and strategy.


What sponsorship means.

Formulating a policy that everyone can refer to.

Creating your strategy based on that policy.

Knowing what you’re selling – would you buy it?

Doing your homework.

Approaching the right people.

Getting creative; being realistic; staying professional.

Why evaluation begins at the beginning.

Why clear objectives = realistic expectations.

Facing facts: if it was perfect, your evaluation was flawed.

To take away from the course

You will leave the workshop with a selection of checklists relating to key areas:

Models for policy and strategy documents.

Samples of contract contents.

Templates for working out cost, value and return on investment.

A summary of evaluation tools.

An evaluation report outline.

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