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Strategic Marketing Masterclass

Course Outline

In today’s competitive markets, success depends on the quality and effectiveness of market-led strategic planning. Transforming product facing, financially driven strategies into effective market-led approaches isn’t an easy process but it’s increasingly recognised as key to organisational success. We tackle the critical issues head on, enabling you to create competitive advantage and improve your marketing investment.

The main challenge facing many organisations today is how to ensure their activities are customer focused and their strategy externally driven. Today’s changing business environment drives the continual search for competitive advantage; this workshop is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge, tools and techniques to achieve this. The programme includes mentoring and clinic sessions ensuring delegates have the confidence and support to instigate changes in their own business context.

The split-module structure (two and two days) provide a vital opportunity to reflect on and consolidate the learning from module one and to develop a product and work-related project for presentation and development on module two.

One-on-one coaching via virtual classroom support between modules enables maximum use to be made of the available time.  The result is a uniquely practical and useful programme.

strategic planning marketing


You’ll learn how to review current approaches in developing marketing strategy, as well as how to compare with best practice. You’ll also learn how to provide the evidence you need to make a business case supporting stronger external orientation and customer-led planning. And you’ll extend your range of planning tools and techniques, with new ideas to help achieve performance goals.

You’ll also have explored methodologies that improve your market and customer understanding. Lastly, you’ll have developed fully evaluated marketing strategy proposals, supported with clear investment appraisals or business cases.


Those individuals who want to improve their organisations external focus and the effectiveness of their strategic marketing planning activity – whether public or private sectors – will benefit from this programme.

Delegates need to be experienced managers, from a marketing or non-marketing background, involved with their business planning and strategy development and/or who have authority to develop and implement marketing plans and strategy. Marketers with strategic responsibility and those developing into senior organisational roles will find this programme valuable as will those marketing practitioners, responsible for operational marketing plans and their return on investment.


  • Marketing’s role in organisations today
  • The challenge of establishing a market orientation
  • Structure of a customer-focused marketing plan
  • The tools of internal and external analysis
  • The strategic marketing planning process
  • Aligning strategic, operational and tactical level plans
  • The challenges of segmentation in both B2B and B2C organisations
  • Developing the value proposition
  • From product to service to solution
  • Brand strategy and delivering the brand promise
  • Metrics to evaluate and improve future marketing performance

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