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Successful CRM in a Connected World


Course Outline

This workshop is designed to help you implement a new and relevant approach to CRM that will help you actively engage with customers and develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships. The emphasis of traditional CRM was on systems, processes, databases and outbound marketing. Now, in an increasingly connected – ‘social’ – and technology-driven world, customers are finally in control and are having conversations about brands, products, services, issues and organisations.

Consumer expectations and behaviour have changed radically in recent years, especially with respect to how they interact with each other as well as brands. This has huge implications for all brands and organisations.

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With a thorough understanding and implications of how the customer and marketing environments have changed in recent years, you’ll be in a much better position to scope, specify, implement and evaluate a new social CRM approach.

Delivering a better experience for your customers, clients and users, etc. and improving interaction and engagement should boost organisational performance, referral and ultimately, ROI.


This programme is suited to managers whose responsibilities include customer relationship and / or experience management, which may or may not currently be underpinned by the utilisation of dedicated technology and digital marketing tools and techniques. It may also be of interest where significant historical investment in CRM is failing to deliver the anticipated benefits, or where significant future CRM investment is planned.


Assess your current CRM efforts.

Bring about a cultural shift from CRM to Social CRM.

Customer Managed Relationships (CMR) – putting customers in control.

Segment your customers and use concepts such as ‘self-segmentation’.

Develop an attractive and integrated ‘omni-channel’ value proposition and strategy.

Build a business case for CRM investment and calculating ROI.

Best practice handling of complaints, failures and negative publicity.

Leverage digital marketing tools and techniques, especially social media.

Assess the various Social CRM technologies / solutions available.

Maximise the chances of success of rollout and avoid pitfalls.

Measure the success of your Social CRM implementation utilising appropriate metrics.

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