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Telephone Techniques


Create the right impression and learn how to control and guide the conversation

Course Code: TM104

Duration: 1 day


An unhappy customer whose problem is solved professionally by a skilled telephone operator can be turned into your most profitable advocate.  This workshop is for any sales or customer service representatives wanting to improve their communication skills. The course teaches how to use listening techniques to understand their customers’ needs, how to control conversations through tried and tested call plans and how to regain control in explosive situations and diffuse anger.

Who Should Attend

This course would suit anyone looking to improve there telephone manner, its particularly appropriate for those in telesales, customer service or call centre roles where a large majority of the time is spent on the phone to customers.


Participants attending the workshop will develop a confident and professional telephone manner, they will gain an understanding of best practice and key stages of a call and learn the techniques to control and guide the call.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a professional image on the telephone
  • Use phone communication to your advantage
  • Know the key stages of a call
  • Use your voice and language to sound professional
  • Control a call and gain information
  • Question and listen effectively
  • Know the importance of check-back
  • Sound professional in your voice and words
  • Manage a difficult situation
  • Learn the different customer service styles
  • Handle dissatisfaction
  • Screen calls properly

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