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The accidental salesperson


Sell successfully and become sales savvy

Duration: 1 day


The economy is squeezing resources in-house and firms are promoting technical experts into a sales role. “But I wasn’t recruited as a salesperson” you hear, and indeed they weren’t. This workshop will supply this accidental salesperson with the processes and techniques to help them achieve their new sales targets without appearing overtly “salesey”. The expert technical salesperson is the future of selling. Buyers don’t want to full time salesperson anymore, they want value and the value is provided by the technical expert who also moves the buyer through the sales process.

Who Should Attend

This workshop would suit new sales representatives or sales people who have joined the sales team from another function where sales didn’t feature in the job specification.


Participants will learn to become a perceived expert in their field, they will understand value propositions, problems and pains to solve and understand trigger events. They will also get an introduction to the digital tools and platforms required and the techniques to use them to build online traffic and referrals.

Learning Outcomes

• LinkedIn Advance Search
• LinkedIn Networking
• LinkedIn Group activity
• Establishing expert footprints on the internet
• Making contact with emails that work
• Making contact by phone
• Rules for success for now
• Call structure that brings results
• Scripting
• Gatekeepers
• Knee Jerk Reactions – overcoming the first objection
• Incubating – allowing the 14 -touch point rule to work for you.

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