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The Psychology Of Persuasion


Course Outline

This workshop is for marketers interested in learning how to create more impactful marketing communications and campaigns that help customers make better choices and decisions. You will learn the key instruments of persuasion, the natural biases that affect how people make decisions online and offline, pricing techniques to accelerate the customer journey and considerations about Marketing ethics and the marketer’s role in keeping the brand honest in this increasingly transparent social era



The workshop will see you gaining practical experience of persuasion techniques, a deeper understanding of human behaviours online and offline. You’ll also receive guidance on how to protect and enhance brand reputation in the digital era.


This course is for marketing professionals interested in understanding persuasion techniques to improve the results of their marketing programmes in a fast-changing digital era. It is ideal for anyone involved in developing marketing and PR materials, new product development, and digital platform owners.


How consumers make decisions and what this means for your marketing programmes

The natural biases that affect how people make decisions online and offline

Powerful persuasion instruments for more results-focused campaigns

How the social media era has changed the rules for customer decision-making and what you can do about it

Pricing techniques to accelerate the customer journey

Principles for more informed marketing ethics in a world of increasing transparency


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