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Thinking and Creativity Skills


Course Outline

This workshop outlines how to use problem-solving techniques to reach creative and practical solutions. A set of practical, creative thinking tools that can be applied immediately will be introduced. You’ll then practise these techniques in a highly interactive session using practical exercises.

On the course, you’ll cover topics including:

creativity and thinking within the marketing and business environment.

the nature and science of thinking and creativity

the creative process, techniques and the principals behind their effectiveness

team creativity

becoming a more creative individual



In short, you’ll be able to draw on this fascinating course for the rest of your career. You’ll benefit from honing your creative thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills. And you’ll also gain an understanding of how to develop and action more ideas – individually and in teams


Managers who are in a role where there are problems to be solved, opportunities to be exploited, challenges to be addressed and solutions that aren’t obvious.

Anyone who wants to generate new ideas quickly or who wants to develop their creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurialism.


The strategic importance of spotting new opportunities through creative thinking, as well as seeing challenges from a new perspective

The nature and science of thinking and creativity

The creative process, techniques and the principals behind their effectiveness

Problem analysis – identify the real root cause of a problem, avoid analysis paralysis

Generate, develop and select ideas – creative exploration, thinking without restraint

Making decisions and taking action – appropriate solutions, prioritisation, reaching consensus and commitment

Improve “team thinking”

Becoming a more creative individual

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