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Transform Your Website And User Experience


Course Outline

Turbo-charge your website/app with best practice UX (User Experience) skills!  Learn practical ways to improve your website/app’s Return-On-Investment and transform your website/app into an effective sales tool.  The workshop will cover: Design guidelines (Homepages, Products pages, forms, navigation…), Writing for the web, Persuasion tactics and Mobile design. In short, how you can radically improve the business effectiveness of your website and apps.

how customers behave online

user-centred design process

researching your customers (card sorting, personas)

design principles (expectations, structure, navigation)

writing for the web

page design guidelines (homepage, product page, forms)

persuasion tactics (six principles, paradox of choice)

mobile issues (download speeds, legibility, touch targets)

testing your designs (usability testing, eye tracking, metrics)


You’ll leave confident about employing UX language, processes and concepts, with experience of applying this newfound knowledge to real-world problems. You will be capable of writing online copy that achieves your key objectives. Above all, you’ll be able to apply your learning to your organisation’s website and app, improving ROI in the process.


Ideal for anyone involved in digital marketing – site owners, managers and/or graphic designers. Some experience of website technology and terminology is preferred but not essential.


How customers behave online.

User-centred design process.

Researching your customers (Card sorting, Personas…)

Design principles (Expectations, Structure, Navigation…)

Writing for the web

Page design guidelines (Home page, Product page, Forms…)

Persuasion tactics (6 principles, Paradox of choice…)

Mobile issues (Download speeds, Legibility, Touch targets…)

Testing your designs (Usability testing, Eyetracking, Metrics…)

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