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Using Insights To Drive Strategy


Course Outline

Insights can be elusive and even the best ones can get lost when it comes time to do your strategy.  This course will help you harness the essence of the insight, allow you to communicate those insights to the business and provide a framework for applying the insights to your strategy.

This course is for anyone responsible for getting the most out of the research that’s conducted in their organisation and applying it to their growth strategy. It involves a ‘hands-on’ individual assessment of your insight generation process, looking at which people should be involved and how insights can be embedded at the heart of your strategic process.

We’ll use examples and case studies to highlight:

the business value of an insight

driving a fact-based, data-to-insights journey

developing analytical skills and applying critical thinking

adding value to the strategic process


You’ll leave the course able to apply an ‘insight lens’ to every aspect of your business. It will mean engaging your organisation with a more fact-based approach to problem solving. You’ll also have learnt different ways to optimise your research process and apply insights within a plan-do-review framework. You’ll also be capable of confidently communicating an insight-led strategy.


This course has been tailored for insights professionals and marketing managers who believe insights is a “need to have” not a “nice to have”.  You would also be expected have a working knowledge of your organisation’s strategy. It is particularly helpful if you manage or oversee a research budget, insights or strategy team.


Make the case for how insights drive the business

Explore research tools and take inventory of your insight generation process

Ways to improve knowledge management

Lead a fact-based, data-to-insights journey

Work through a critical path to problem definition

Ensuring that you get the insight right

Adding strategic value

Telling the strategy story

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