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Writing An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan


Course Outline

This workshop outlines how you plan an integrated marketing communications campaign and how a well thought through communications plan, using all the tools, techniques and media will work together to drive the customer journey and ensure your resources are used effectively and efficiently.


Deliver powerful ideas that drive business results built on clear customer understanding, integrated across multiple tools and delivered across most relevant points of impact.

Plan more strategic marketing communications that achieve your objectives and improve the return on spend

Structure, integrate and manage your efforts in smarter ways to give you competitive edge

Challenge your current ways of working with refreshed thoughts around the planning and briefing frameworks provided

Select tools and media based on their strengths, ability to meet your tasks and objectives and any constraints such as budget.


This course is designed for you if you have responsibility for communication planning and execution. You may have specialised in a particular communication discipline and are now looking to take a broader view or create your first integrated plan or refresh your approach. It is suitable for Marketing Executives, Brand and Communication Managers and for all those seeking to improve their approach to structuring and co-ordinating marketing communications.


Understand why fragmentation of the communications industry requires an integrated approach to communications planning

Use a simple, six-stage approach to planning

The critical role of customer insight and brand insight in driving effective IMC efforts

Setting objectives and goals for IMC – and alignment of communication goals to marketing objectives

Getting to a great IMC planning brief (challenges and overcomes)

Select communications tools and media based on their merits, your objectives and your constraints (such as budget)

Measure the performance of your communications using outcome metrics and return on investment criteria

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